Little Yellow Boxes

Deadpool (Age... HEY LOOK OVER THERE)
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Agent X: Everyone else okay?
Deadpool: Let me check.
Deadpool: [Narrative in Yellow Box] Do I still think in those little yellow boxes?
Deadpool: I'm good.
Deadpool: [Narrative in Yellow Box] Oooh, I missed you, little boxes! What fun shall we have together!

Cable: Wade...only thing--that can help me--is your blood. Only thing--that can help you--is mine.
Deadpool: [Long pause] We're not gonna haveta kiss or anythin'... are we?

Cable: Not that I'm complaining, but why nail Wolverine and Bishop from behind-- and more importantly, why use concussive force blasts to stun them instead of double-tapping their heads?
Deadpool: Maybe I got a better offer.
Cable: The X-Men were the best offer you've ever had.
Deadpool: ...
Cable: You believe in me.
Deadpool: Do not!
Cable: You do!
Deadpool: Shut up!
Cable: You actually think I can pull this off?
Deadpool: No, I don't!
Cable: Then why did you double-cross the X-Men?
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