Dear Deadpool
For all your issues. Just please don't ask about anyone with a glowy eye, that'll just start ranting and no one wants that.


OOC - A Goodbye of Sorts
mmm coffee
Not exactly another info post, but there you are. Someone has to keep Tracy on her toes with more OOC posts!

After a little over four years (dear god, I feel old just thinking that!) and more newbie days than I can remember, it became time for me to take a step back from being a member of our fine admin team to be a regular player once again. I've had an amazingly awesome run, but it's time.

I kind of suck at writing these things, so I'll just be conclude with some pretty gifs.

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Apartment Above Wellspring Arms, Wednesday Evening
Why yes. Yes, Deadpool had noticed it was one of those days again. Because, when he got Jan dressed this morning, there was a Disney ballad about princesses and being pretty.

A Disney ballad, people.

And it wouldn't stop. All. Day. Long.

So, for now? Deadpool was going to sit on the couch and hum. Because there was no way he was dealing with woodland creatures like Jan was. Who, by the way, had braided her hair. Surprisingly well for animals and all.

[[For that guy]]

Office of the Vice Principal, Saturday
look up
It was his millionth Parents Weekend, so there he was in the office again. Being all official and Vice Principally.

And throwing pencils up into the ceiling again. He had at least half of them stick, so it was going pretty well. Because this is what you do when you work in an office and don't have to answer to anyone. Other than Zoe. And that freaky school board. God, how he hated that school board...

But his door was still open, of course. For the people.

Who aren't on the school board.

[[Open like a boss]]

Office of the Vice Principal, Wednesday
look up
Hey, look at that, Deadpool was actually doing his job for a change. Who did that?

Other than Zoe.

Maybe the hot chick who did security. Skywalker. All the other teachers. Okay, everyone but Deadpool did actual work. After making an announcement, he just waited for the magic to happen.

Or for his updates on Angry Birds to finish so he could play.

[[Open, of course!]]

Office of the Vice Principal, Thursday
Sure, Deadpool had a job to do and a class to prepare for tomorrow. And sure, he should probably be doing some serious work all those new kids settling in.

But was he?

No, no he was not. Instead, he was playing that goddamn music for Jan as he sent people horrible X-Men RPS. And yes, he was dressed up like Nyan Cat. Look, it was almost her birthday and there wasn't gonna be a crazy 'better than those damn Skywalkers' party, so he had to make up for that somehow.

Plus, he got to eat pop tarts while Jan stayed happy as she colored.

"Mmmmm, pop tarts."


MLP - Heeeeeeeeeeee




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Apartment Above Wellspring Arms, Wednesday Morning
arms crossed
So, yesterday Deadpool had some funny grey spots. Which, you know, easy to write off as a coloring error. It happens all the time! Like that thing with the Hulk that he's green because the inkers were freakin' laaaaazy.

But now it had spread to more grey spots. Which probably meant something was wrong. Since he had that kooky healing factor and all.

This meant he was going to do the completely reasonable thing and perch on the end of the couch to eat cereal from the box and watch bad television as he waited for Nate to be done getting Jan all cleaned and dressed.

Seriously, how did that kid manage to get dirty while sleeping? It was a secondary mutation. Had to be.

[[For that guy who is more than basic television]]

Office of the Vice Principal, Wednesday
sitting around
Deadpool wasn't sad to no longer be a pony. Nope, not at all.

Okay, maybe a little. Cram it.

That might have been why he was actually in his office. The place he stored paperwork that he didn't want to do. "Wow, this place is dusty," he said to no one in particular. Because needless descriptions were damn fun, okay?

[[Open, of course!]]

Availability - Not Mine!
Pyramid Head - RAINBOWS
Skylie, otherwise known as: geewhizfellas, shes_got_legs, sake_shinigami, bootlessjane, daventryprince, bigdaddyswan...

Has accidentally spilled coffee on her laptop. The laptop itself is fine and still operational, but the keyboard needs to be replaced and we don't know how long it will take as of yet. So her characters will be going home for the break (for students) and laying low on island (for adults).

Funny story? The keyboard right now is stuck on the letter 'm'. It freakin' loved that coffee, man.


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